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Rural newspapers have been closing "left and right" over the past two decades, but it's important to keep them open, especially in communities with schools,according toa column in theMinot Daily Newsin North Dakota by former lieutenant governor and political-science professor Lloyd Omdahl. Locals find a piece of themselves in the country newspaper - and will lose it if the paper folds. In Nigeria for instance, most people who dwell in rural communities have their relations living in the city. Were very good at it. It simply isn't. DAWSON: And to me thats tremendously exciting for all of us because it will shape how we deliver things. When you support your local newspaper, you are also supporting your community. BARRETT: personal story as well as a statewide story, just fantastic stuff. NELSON: Im sure theres a contact us back, right. Welcome back, Grant. But the bigger part of it is the message, right? A few years ago we didnt have as robust news department as we have right now, and weve gone to the beat system and we have two reporters that focus on metro or city and county governance, and theyre looking into those stories now and were asking them to look into those stories. NELSON: Lets take another caller. So we have to protect that and being five minutes behind or five hours behind, I dont believe, you know, is important enough to risk that mistake. The institution of public libraries is well organized in developed nations. Wage theft is commonplace in San Diego. Community newspapers have the power to bring about great good and make a profound difference within their locales. In our digital, 24/7 world, people can get their news and information in an instant. Thats just part of the process. In a small town the local newspaper is not like the local hardware store. We are one of the last owned and operated radio and television stations, locally owned and operated, KARLO: and our role is to serve the local community and to also provide people with the stuff that comes from NPR and PBS. An example would be is if theres a water main break down in Pacific Beach, for example, we might not cover the fact that that water main has broke and its causing a lot of problems down there. CNI Newspapers, Webb is now publisher/editor at Smoky Mountain Times. Hugh from Mission Hills, go ahead. And there are some very tangible, observable reasons for that, not the least of which might be the notion I share that the smaller the community, the more important its newspaper. In a small town, readers expect their newspaper to separate the wheat from the chaff and then to tell it like it is.. And this question about local news, I think, is really important. BARRETT: Absolutely. As I said at the beginning of the program,, on a nonprofit model, has shown year over year increases in the amount of revenue thats come in. And it is neither flippant nor hyperbolic when I say that little country weekly newspaper is the only news organization on the planet Earth that gives the first tinkers damn about Sharkey and Issaquena counties, Mississippi. NELSON: Okay, thank you, Barry, for your call. Those kinds of things? And were taking your calls at 1-888-895-5727. Jeff Light from the Union-Tribune, with all of the cutbacks in your shop in particulareverybody has done it obviously but yours seems to be the at the Union-Tribune, the largest. Many news organizations, like newspapers, TV and radio stations, are in a frenzy to reinvent themselves to. Eventually, this medium will fade away. But the stoicism that serves country people so well ensures the paper is still printed every Thursday. Those may include safe access to schools, healthcare and new employment opportunities. NELSON: Greg Dawson, news director for NBC 7/39. I mean, thats the concept. Overview. And I dont think that KPBS does it any differently, the Voice or the U-T or NBC, that we do strive for perfection. It could be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. That is why the online version of a rural community newspaper is also crucial to the success of the publication. And hes very typical of the kind of people if you can put your teeth into a beat, you can master that beat and generate news by knowing your sources, knowing the organizations and knowing the community really, and having. DAWSON: Yeah, absolutely. Principles of Journalism: . DAWSON: And then the economy hit at the same time. DAWSON: Absolutely. The importance of local newspapers. It is a newspaper that primarily focuses on the coverage of issues, events and developments in a specific rural community. In 2003, I had the pleasure of editing a country newspaper for two weeks while the publishers, Lindsay and Sue Harrington, took a long-overdue holiday. All too often, that news is little more than rumor, sometimes made up out of whole cloth and at best some grain of truth exaggerated in its retellings vastly, and often alarmingly out of proportion. Were doing that kind of stuff. 3 Helping to drive this trend . My qualification was that, among the freelance articles Id written for city newspapers and national magazines, one was about the rural press. Each country has developed its own definition of the concept 'rural area'. Right now, were all focused on how do we continue to, you know, deliver the best content and then produce it in a way thats then accessible in any form. NELSON: information is that its sort of tribalizes the groups. But to go back to Barbaras original point, her passion is amazing and I find that in the e-mail and the calls that we get and the personal one-on-one conversations that we get from our readers at the, there are an immense number of people who have an insatiable curiosity about this community and have an unending need for news and they cannot get enough of it. 00:00. Finding #1: Through connection to place governance organizations, downtown revitalization helps increase small businesses' and entrepreneurs' access to capital, skills training, and. DAWSON: now thats her full time beat. Dozens of other smaller, independent publishers have followed suit, their paper-thin profits decimated by the loss of advertising from local businesses that ceased doing business. Members of the targeted community across the world can always browse to read the online edition to keep abreast of what happens in their village. Tom Karlo, you want to talk about the dumbing down of our society if, in fact, thats the case? Right. LIGHT: Quickly trying to figure out in the heat of battle what to do. People always, you know, try and be balanced, and I hear people say things that are blatantly not true. We make a point of presenting the U-T stories when theyre great, our competition around the state and even national stories if they matter. We have In our newsroom, were very cognizant of it. In our digital, 24/7 world, people can get their news and information in an instant. NELSON: Really? When it comes to learning more about the different happenings worldwide . Youre on These Days. Sincerity, truthfulness and accuracy: Good faith of the readers can be obtained through sincerity, truthfulness and accuracy which is the foundation of journalism. ]]> BARBARA: behind the screens who are reading. Locals find a piece of themselves in the country newspaper - and will lose it if the paper folds.Credit:Ian Kenins. NELSON: Actually, Barbara, if I could interject Could I interject? So, you know, there are. And I think it has forced us to take a look at what we do, refocus ourselves, you know, and come up with a better plan for the future in really an exciting way. I have this feeling that with all this emphasis on local news and hyper-local news, that those bigger pieces maybe arent going to happen anymore. You make mistakes and sometimes its hard to keep up. One of those was Albert Lyon, whod buy the paper not just for himself but also for his good friend, Lenny Logan. Sure. But theres also probably a desire by some to say, okay, I want to alert the news media to something thats going on. "Much of our community life revolves around the local school. And we all stop and say, wait, lets make sure this is answered first because, you know, what will continue to separate us from the bloggers and everybody else is our credibility. LIGHT: Oh, for sure. He probably did some good for San Diego with that nonsense that he got involved in with defense contractors, bringing business to San Diego. It was really easy. MassmediaNG, Rural Community Newspaper! And I do feel that our role is to serve the community, to serve San Diego. NELSON: The end of the local bank. However, The Bridge, now in the hands of former sheep farmer and diesel mechanic Lloyd Polkinghorne, has not only continued to print throughout the COVID-19 crisis but has expanded its circulation, and in early June this year posted its first online edition. Greg Dawson, lets go back to the whole accuracy and speed thing. The story starts out vague, it becomes specific. Here are the major findings: Vanishing Newspapers: The United States has lost almost 1,800 papers since 2004, including more than 60 dailies and 1,700 weeklies. BARRETT: Thats right. NELSON: Yeah, theres a chance to reinvent for everybody, isnt there? And I use the banking industry as an example. 00:00. Importance of Circulation in Community Newspaper Publishing Whether it is rural, national or global newspaper business, circulation plays very crucial role in determining the success of any publication. I want to open this up to everyone. NELSON: Well, Voice of San Diego is almost all local news, isnt it? Our number is 1-888-895-5727, thats 1-888-895-KPBS. While mine might serve as prime example, it is in that respect no different from all those other community newspapers in all those other towns in this country. The pages roll off an 1894 Miehle printing press at The Bridge's office in 2003. Go ahead, Iad, youre on These Days. Because I was just thinking, if I were a corrupt politician, I would think these are the happiest days for me because nobodys going to be investigating me. But the next day, we might do very in-depth discussions on why did it break, what do we need to do, how does this affect the infrastructure of all of our sewer systems and things like that. BARBARA: No, Im talking about the public. Read the full article about rural newspapers by Heather Chapman at The Rural Blog. BARRETT: We do. Toggle navigation. Not that, you know, we dont make them. Every town with a school needs a newspaper.". And, you know, I love The Daily Show. In TV, we had the digital conversion where, you know, all of the signals went digital, which put far more people into digital cable that had more choices, which youre going to take advantage of. KARLO: and well take calls and information and we rely very much on people and their information to help get to our editorial team in terms of focusing on stories, especially when there are disasters. "Looking at rural communities, you really get a sense of where the country's going to be 10 to 20 years from now." A top-line problem among rural areas is keeping hospitals open. Theres a credibility issue there, isnt there, with that kind of speed? Agriculture finance empowers poor farmers to increase their wealth and facilitates the development of food value chains for feeding 9 billion people by 2050. Tell us where youre getting your news information and how well the local media are doing. I guess this would be more toward Grant and Tom, Grant Barrett from and Tom Karlo from KPBS. I dont think it will. NELSON: Were going to take a break. We had the change in the industry with fragmentation, you know, really picking up in a fast way. And all you had to do was read the page that they even said and a lot of these newspaper things and on TV and radio, if you just read the page that theyre talking about, you could see that it wasnt true. "Anybody can audition for a show. Most of our food products come from the country crops, fish, poultry, you name it and chances are it originated . As a phenomenon, rural development can be viewed as the result of interactions between various physical, environmental, technological, economic, socio-cultural and institutional factors in the rural areas of a nation. NELSON: And can you quantify that? Well, no, because the stock market was going great and everybody could point to numbers saying its not going to be a problem. I am a contributor and a member of the station. NELSON: I want to ask a different question of Jeff Light. They usually allocate a sizable budget for the promotion and development of libraries and community centers. The Force has received eight reports of the theft of sheep-related farming equipment since the start of January across the county, with sheep hurdles, sheep handling systems, weigh scales, sheering machines, guillotine gates and sheep feeders being targeted.. With investigations into these offences continuing, the Rural Crime Team has issued a timely reminder to farmers and landowners on the So peopleI think you used the word scrambling in the opening of the show. "Anybody can audition for a show. KARLO: And, you know what, it redefined itself. We look for the San Diego angle, of course, so youre getting a little more than that. The old office of The Koondrook and Barham Bridge newspaper, also known simply as The Bridge, in Murray Street, Barham. And so. Newspapers are crucial for communities and benefit from reporting on youth and community development initiatives. That seems to be the recurring theme with the paper. NBC is a for profit station, the Union-Tribune is a for profit news organization. DAWSON: That I think were all on the same page. NELSON: I mean, whats the matter with just getting it the old way? And the work that each of our content producers develops, will be able to be distributed to the way people are using media. BARBARA: Im talking about the people sitting. Watch video for more explanation of this concept. I think Ive heard that from all of you in one manner or another. Readership up? And this is the reason: they skim, they dont read for in-depth information. It is a matter that we make a decision on a program on its content and value, KARLO: and not on its return on investment. Im glad that someone brought up the Duke Cunningham story for which I think the previous San Diego Union received some journalism award. We have some incredible people on staff, people like Liam Dillon, whos a bulldog. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Youre talking about the journalists or the readers? Well, we know whats going to happen. Jeff Light, lets begin with you since you represent the oldest form of news in this circle, the printed newspaper. What is Circulation in Newspaper Publishing? Tom, lets start with you. You know, Gene Cubbison, whos always been our political guy, but hes more focused than ever on it. BARBARA: And I really I think many Americans dont even know their history. You know, youre looking at, in the print side, an industry thats been very hierarchical, conservative, slow-moving, controlled and, you know, those qualities do not lend themselves to todays environment. Tags Definition of rural community newspaper Rural community newspaper, People experience suicidal thoughts due to various reasons such as frustration, depression, failed relationship, mental . We are a nonprofit too. LIGHT: Yeah, no, I dont buy into any of that. India is a country of about one billion people where more than 70% of the humankind inhabits in rural areas. And, you know, or watch, you know, KPBS. And some new technologies that Im sure well talk about. Every Thursday for almost 20 years, Albert Lyon (right) would buy The Bridge and read it to his good friend, Lenny Logan, beneath the shade of a wattle tree. I think that the world of the screen has really dumbed down a good deal of Americans, too many. NELSON: Thats one of the problems with online. Anyone want to jump in there? Agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity, and feed a projected 9.7 billion people by 2050.Growth in the agriculture sector is two to four times more effective in raising incomes among the poorest compared to other sectors. And then theres the bigger picture, the more, you know, in-depth pieces, and then theres all that stuff in the middle. It happens throughout all of the media here. Right. That said, you know, I guess Im not convinced that this worry of the intelligencia, that everybody else is getting dumber and theyre getting smarter, I just dont agree with that. Kelly Bennett did this fantastic expose on this guy who is now in prison because of the work that she did in discovering how his swindle worked, who he swindled, what happened to the money, what he did to these people, and it was a. Rural hospitals have been and always will be a critical part of the nation's health care delivery system. KARLO: and there are certain people that might want to pick up a paper. So I do go on the web just to read it, thats about the only time Im ever on the compute, quite frankly. So thats our work. 2 Additionally, nonfatal prescription opioid overdoses are concentrated in states with large rural populations. NELSON: Were going to talk about those changes in just a minute but let me hear from some of the others. BARRY: It was how do you get a point across to the news media when local government has failed in their duty? document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); BARRETT: Jeff, let me ask you, how did you find out that they werent true? DAWSON: We certainly come through, you know, a really challenging couple of years and I think all of us in the media felt it and kind of a double whammy. Through circulation the interest of readers in the newspaper is raised. NELSON: And do Greg Dawson from NBC 7/39, youve heard this about television probably your entire professional career. The You know, I saw a agenda (sic) for a media summit in Washington recently that somebody sent me and the titles of the talks were like Age of Corruption, you know, Death of Journalism. You know, I think people are confusing the way, the practices, the sort of ritualistic way that news had been produced in newsrooms that are based on a manufacturing environment that dates to the post-Civil War. So there is some importance to what the outlet is. Why dont you ask your question here? LIGHT: is a big story across America and the Minneapolis StarTribune won the Pulitzer on pension coverage two I guess two years ago, so its not impossible to catch. Become a newsletter subscriber to stay up-to-date on the latest Giving Compass news. It starts out mildly accurate to perfectly accurate. They start talking about death panels and I heard death panels discussed on legitimate news shows without anybody saying, well, stop for a second, theres no such thing as a death panel, its not in the bill. And I know from KPBS standpoint, we work on this very much and we have three senior editors that review everything thats going out before it goes out. You know, those are the things that are very powerful in peoples minds and its really the job of everybody who traffics in honest information to help people look at the facts rather than these emotional issues, you know, that they want to believe which often, as in this case, are untrue and damaging.

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