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Along with that, we shared several suggestions that we consider as the best options for lawn mowing on steep hills based on their types and functions. The Husqvarna 100 Series riding mowers are designed for residential lawns and offer a range of features and function-based for cutting performance and comfort. Instead, back the mower down the slope, and then mow the next patch upward. This is a device that . Thats because we only choose four riding zero-turn lawnmowers to be worthy of being on our list. The deck has a deep design that lifts the grass for even, superior cutting, while the underside has a smooth surface to keep grass and mud from sticking. With a 725 cc, 23 HP Kohler twin-cylinder engine, you can power the front caster wheels across slightly rolling hills and multiple obstacles to mow up to two acres. You wont have to worry about emptying the bag while mowing your lawn. . Mowing Slopes Zero Turn Mower. Mow in an up-and-down pattern rather than along the length of the ditch. That is the only difference. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to select the best riding lawn mower for hills. Of course, the engine is powerful enough to deal with any kind of severe conditions. It makes the ride smoother and increases the mowers cutting performance. And the mower will last for a long time because of this. We know that these mowers are way more expensive than the standard walk-behind mowers. So you should buy a lawnmower that has a deck-width of 42 inches or above. In other words, you are looking for a mower that can handle any kind of harsh mowing conditions without an issue. The mow time is suitable for an electric machine but low compared to gas-powered models. An uneven lawn usually has a lot of obstacles in it. Mowing hilly, or uneven terrain can present a serious risk of an accident if you are not using a mower fit for the type of job. Since it features hydrostatic transmissions, you can mow at different speeds. There are two types of lawn mowers based on the way you may operate them. Troy Bilt Bronco 42 Inch Riding Lawn Mower, 4. Battery-powered riding lawn mowers that do not require an electrical tether have gained popularity in recent years. Search for used slope mower. For a smoother ride on a rough surface, the lawnmower has to be a Zero-Turn mower. Riding mowers have a seat for you to sit in, like a tractor, while they work their magic. 3. A built-in lift lever lets you raise or lower the deck on a 1-inch to 4-inch range with 13 positions for customized leveling. Picking a new ride-on mower for use on hilly terrain is a serious process. We really liked the comfortable 18-inch padded seat of the MX5000. The way to choose this is to first choose your relevant engine type, and then decide how big of a deck size you can afford in your budget. There are a plethora of options to augment the mowers functionality. The 30-inch cutting deck is comparable to a sizable walk-behind mower with ride-along comfort. Slope : Slope mowing 0 to 40 (84% grade), designed and tested. So, make sure your lawnmower has this feature. It is a hydrostatic lawnmower that has a foot-lever system. A six-speed manual drive transmission is not as smooth as some models, but it provides enough gearing to push the 340-pound mower along comfortably. Twin blades discharge grass clippings to the side, but you can buy a rear bagger attachment separately to collect them for neat disposal elsewhere. The height can be changed from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Our Ventrac Tractors are rated for 30 (58% grade) degree slopes with Duals Ventrac - Advantages: Slope Mowing. They can mow for as long as their fuel lasts, and their power remains consistent throughout their usage period. This is pretty much self-explanatory. The EGO Power+ also features a headlight that allows you to work through the night and the 10 rear wheels give it the traction it needs to scale steep hills, slopes, and banks. As a general rule of thumb, heres my recommendation for the size of deck you will need depending on lawn size: However, for yards less than 0.75 acres, it is better to work with a walk-behind mower. In the sub-acre range, look for a mower with at least 14 horsepower. A safer solution to mowing slopes, the ATM 72LC keeps the operator and the engine upright on hills up to 34 degrees. With batteries and motors, the ride is quieter, and there are no harmful gas emissions. Always work within the capabilities of each mower design. Thats because even though there are hundreds of excellent lawnmowers currently available in the market, very few of them can handle severe mowing conditions such as steep slopes. Simple, use a hover mower. Electric mowers are the lightest type of mower. As for grip, caster wheels dont need treaded tires because they neither drive nor steer the vehicle. The mowers maximum forward speed is 7 MPH, and the maximum reverse speed is about 3MPH. . The electrical drivetrain automatically detects if one battery is low on power and switches to the other one seamlessly. delivers reliable power to tackle your yard 42-in. Ariens Ikon XD 52 in. Riding lawn mowers run the gamut from bare-bones models with efficient engines to feature-rich high-end models with enough horsepower to perform nearly gardening tasks. This depends upon the weight, wheels, and the overall mechanics of the machines. Here is a link that might be useful: Husqvarna 2346XLS. I did not chance to take the zero-turn mowers up the steepest part of the bank. Their 38-inch rear-engine electric riding mower is an excellent choice for those with less than two acres. Its 54-inch-wide deck is what enables it to provide you with a professional cut. Zero-turn mowers offer the best maneuverability and would be perfect for lawns with multiple obstacles if the gradient is gentle. Raise the deck of the mower to its highest point. The grass was uniformly cut, and there were no clumps left on the yard. AS Motor explains that standard walk-behind mowers are usually good up to a 20-degree incline, and riding mowers will work safely up to 15 degrees. When looking for a mower for hills and steep banks, there are three main types to consider: A zero-turn mower uses a set of two-lap bars to control movement and steering, so it does not have a conventional steering wheel. These wheels have smooth treads that do not damage the turf even when pivoting 180, but the rear ones are larger and have deep treads for excellent traction when driving and steering. Its weight also gives it more stability and higher traction when on steep hills. Wider is better, too. So you can quickly get access to the inside of the deck. The center of gravity becomes so high that you may fall anytime, so always mow sideways when on a steep slope. Lawn tractors are primarily used for cutting grass, while garden tractors may also plow snow, tow equipment, and perform other lawn maintenance duties. With a 26hp Kohler 747cc engine and 54-inch cutting deck, this zero turn lawn mower can take on even the most challenging yards. Safety is paramount when operating mechanical equipment. Pressing both levers forward results in a straight course, while depressing one lever allows the mower to make a complete turn in a space the size of the mower. Check Cub Cadet ZT1s latest price at Home Depot. The GreenWorks 40V also packs a smart pace self-propelled system that can intelligently adjust to your walking speed. There are primarily two classifications of lawn mowers based on functions, and this is a very easy choice to make once you know what they are. As mentioned before, not all types of lawnmowers are effective against steep hilly surfaces. We'd recommend out front mowers, especially the Iseki SF Series, as one of the safest options around for slope mowing. Order your Husqvarna Z254F today! Its also quite safe. GreenWorks 40V 21 Brushless self-propelled lawn mower takes the cues from the dependable Greenworks 25022 and takes away the cord to make it a truly cordless electric lawn mower for steep hills, slopes, and banks. You can mow across, or down, if conditions allow it. Like other vehicles, riding lawnmowers need regular maintenance. The productivity of the two different mowers: Self-propelled mowers are equipped with an engine that handles the issue of powering up their blades by itself and can move at variable speeds, so you dont need to push it around. The LM2142 a battery-powered self-propelled lawn mower that packs the power of a gas-powered lawn mower but without noise and pollution. Find Toro, Cub Cadet, John Deere, and Alamo for sale on Machinio. Good traction with 20 tires. They are more of an all-rounder in all-terrain, uphill, sideways mowing, or with overgrown ridges and uneven surfaces. Rear-engine mowers are more maneuverable thanks to a smaller turning radius than tractor mowers, making them a middle ground between heavier mowers that require more space and zero-turn mowers that turn on a dime. Cutting Height : 1.5" to 5.5" height adjustment. Battery life is a crucial consideration. Additionally, the tractor has a step-through frame that expands the legroom, making it easy to get on & off. Not everyone enjoys mowing the lawn. Check Troy-Bilt Broncos latest price at Home Depot. The advent of battery technology in recent years has cut the cord. Because of their smaller size and reduced power needs, rear-engine mowers tend to be less expensive than other types. The engine is from the Kohler-6000 series. GreenWorks has been making quality lawn mowers for quite some time now and their heritage has allowed them to produce a user-friendly experience. You will have to buy a riding mower in order to mow a lawn that has steep slopes and other obstacles. Lawn mowers come with the optional bag behind their blades which receives all the cut grass to be disposed of. But, one thing to be noted here is that just going faster wont be enough to cut your lawn into a good shape. The 21 deck is big enough for any lawn and will allow you to get the job done as soon as possible. Still, it's best to use a slope indicator. Do not run the mower in a garage or other poorly ventilated space. A broad deck trims a wide patch of grass on each pass, meaning you will complete mowing your yard faster. It features a robust Twin-Cylinder engine that has a power of 19HP. Each mower has been tested over a 2-acre lawn with a steep bank at one end and a large area of undulation. So lets get to know your options and be clear on the mower limitations, as we find you the riding mower for hills and slopes. The mowers that have hydrostatic transmissions use a hydraulic pump to power the engine. Check the latest price of the Ariens Ikon at Ace Hardware. The tractor runs on gas and has an easy-fill 3-gallon fuel tank, which should last for a few hours before needing a refill. Hustler has one rated for 25 degrees. If it is a riding mower then youll have to drive it up and down the lawn like a rover. You can adjust the deck to 12 different positions height-wise, while a lever-engaged PTO smoothens deck operations for perfect cutting. With a mowing height range of 0.8 to 2 inches, the Husqvarna Automower 415X is designed for maintaining low-mow grasses like zoysia, Bermuda, and centipede. Now you might be thinking that a riding mower weighs much more than any other type of mower. Safety is paramount, dont try and run a zero-turn mower up a steep incline. You know there are a lot of exceptional lawnmowers in the market thatre quite well-equipped to deal with steep slopes. Also, go through our buying guide for getting a clear picture of what you should look for in a lawn mower that can deal with steep slopes. Most importantly, both the frame and the deck are covered with electrically applied paint. Excessively steep ditches should not be mowed with a rider. Powerful Kawasaki 23hp engine. We understand it can be a really messy task and can seem to be difficult. Zero-turn riding lawnmowers are not the best options for hilly yards, but the ZT1 performs well. It gives Three-way functions with side discharge capability and a seven-tier height adjustment to choose the cutting height of the grass. If you need a lawnmower that can handle steep slopes then, you have to look for a Zero-turn lawn mower. Operators use a steering wheel and pedal system similar to that of an automobile to cut large swaths of grass quickly and easily. This will enable you to determine what the height of the grass would be after mowing. Other controls, such as cutting height adjustment and cruise control, are pretty standard. However, the rear wheels in zero-turn mowers, as well as all four wheels in the other two types, must have deep treads to boost your off-roading capabilities, especially when mowing uphill. But they also perform well on uneven terrain, offering versatility on deck cutting height, and giving you a rest from stomping up and down hilly lawns. SPIDER mowers are also lightweight, as compared to other steep slope mowers on the market. This Ventrac 4520 tractor is equipped with dual wheels and tire chains, plus a mid-mount weight kit. The higher the Ah rating, the more charge it can hold, which is better because it increases the run time. A large deck provides the blade with enough space to cut the grass clippings multiple times, and it enables the mower to provide an even cut. Compare Products. You have to mow the lawn effectively. These mowers tend to be faster than lawn tractors, averaging six to eight miles per hour (mph) versus lawn tractors three to four mph. It is heavier than most and maybe a little bit more difficult to maneuver, but its walk-behind system gives you the freedom of movement you need in case anything goes wrong while you are mowing on a steep hill or a ridge. While electric and gas push mowers can take on slightly steeper slopes at 20 degrees, if you're dealing with super-steep slopes, hard-to-reach areas and heavy brush, it'll definitely be a . When stopping a tractor or rear engine lawn mower, you step on a pedal, but lap bars handle the braking in a zero-turn unit. Ideal riding mower for uneven ground up to 2 acres. The hydrostatic transmission delivers power through an infinite gear system that provides drive when most needed, including up hilly terrain. You put the plug in the socket and your mower is ready to cut some grass. Almost all types of lawn mowers come with both of these functions. However, the structure still maintains an open design and a hinged, easily removable floor plan for quick access to the deck and engine during maintenance. Sounds efficient, right? Get the Craftsman riding mower at Lowes. Drawbacks of zero-turn mowers include reduced stability. Electric-powered corded mowers are machines that come with a plug. As the name suggests, this mower has its engine at the rear end, leaving the front section clearer for better visibility. You can effortlessly match the mowers speed to match your stride. 45 degrees is 78.54% grade and as jenkins said before, you are going to have a lot of trouble with erosion making a healthy turf hard to keep up if you are mowing on it too. riding mower at The Home Depot. Furthermore, when we tested this lawnmower out, we didnt find any kind of clumping. With a 21-inch deck, it features a twin-blade instead of a single blade, which gives a double action for finer grass cutting. RANKING LIST | SORT BY SCORES. You can choose between hydrostatic, gear-driven, or automatic machines. Valued by customers and industries that operate in tough terrain like landfills, wetlands, sloped roads and more, our easy-to-run and easy-to-maintain tracked slope mowers start at $39,950 and are ideal for: HILLSIDE & STEEP-INCLINE . In order to maneuver around them, you have to change the height of the deck as well as the blade. I find this feature very useful when manicuring laws with multiple obstacles because it enhances maneuverability.

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